YOU can be a Hypnobabies star!

And Now, a word from our sponsors….Hypnobabies!

Are you good on camera? Love to tell your Hypnobabies birth story? Can’t get enough of sharing your wonderful baby news?

Are you a birth professional who has worked with a Hypnobabies Mom and would like to share your experience with the Hypnobabies birth?

Share your good news with others and help spread the word about how wonderful and natural birth really is. Become a Hypnobabies star!

Hypnobabies is in the process of making several educational films and would love to have your help. If you’d like to contribute a bit of footage for one of our projects, read the topics below and you’ll find instructions at the bottom for sending it in to Hypnobabies. Full birth stories, birth footage and any of the topics below are welcome as well as any feedback on our program.

We are producing videos such as these:

Topics we will be including from Hypnobabies Moms and Families:

  • “Why I/we chose Hypnobabies for my baby’s birth”
  • “My/our friends and family thought ______ about me using hypnosis for childbirth.”
  • “Myour _____ (midwife, doctor, doula) said_____ about me using Hypnobabies.
  • “My favorite part of Hypnobabies practice was/is…”
  • “The Hypnobabies techniques that helped me most in my Birthing Time were..”
  • “My birthing was awesome *because* ______(caregiver, friend, doula etc.) said this to me: _______”
  • “My birthing was awesome *until* ______(caregiver, friend, doula etc.) said this to me: _______”
  • “My Hypnobabies birth story…”
  • “After my baby was born, I felt____ about childbirth.”
  • “I’d love for medical caregivers to know this about what pregnant and birthing women need: ___________”

 Topics we will be including from doulas, nurses and midwives:

  • “When I first heard about hypnosis for childbirth, I thought ____”
  • “What impressed me the most about birth preparation with Hypnobabies is_____”
  • What has your experience been in the past with your clients using other hypno-childbirth methods?
  • “I think the use of the different wording in Hypnobabies is_____ “(Birthing vs. labor, discomfort vs. pain, transformations vs. transition, etc.)
  • Did you help your Hypnobabies client by using their special Hypnobabies words in during her labor? Why or why not?
  • Please comment on the fact that Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth class and how you think that helped your client during her pregnancy and labor.
  • Was your client able to be mobile and communicative during her labor and still remain comfortable and relaxed?
  • What did you think your client’s comfort level was during active labor? During transition? During the pushing phase?
  • Do you think that your client’s use of Hypnobabies made your job easier, more enjoyable, more fulfilling?
  • What comments or advice do you have for other midwives and doulas when their clients tell them they are preparing for labor with Hypnobabies?
  • What was the best thing you observed about this birth for the birthing mother?
  • What was the best thing about this Hypnobabies birth for you?

If any of these topics sound fun and interesting to you and you’d like to be a star in one of our video productions, please e-mail info at Hypnobabies dot com and put “Hypnobabies Film Projects” in the subject line. We will send you all the information that you need to videotape yourself and send the footage to Hypnobabies.

We appreciate you considering how you can help educate other expectant parents and birth professionals about Hypnobabies. If you love Hypnobabies; others will too!

Thank you SO much!



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