Audrey Pauline Elder’s Birth Story ~ 8.21.12 ~ 5:54 am ~ 7 lbs, 7 oz

Audrey’s parents, Lyra and Lee Elder, were model students of Portland Hypnobabies. I am so proud of them!

Please feel free to share their story with friends and family so the world can learn how peaceful birth can be.

Audrey Pauline Elder’s Birth Story ~ 8.21.12 ~ 5:54 am ~ 7 lbs, 7 oz

We transferred our care to Andaluz Watherbirth Center Monday morning (8.20.12) at 41 weeks and 5 days, only 2 days to 42 weeks, the day our OB wanted us to induce.  Our initial intake appointment at Birth Center was at 4 pm Monday afternoon, at that point I was having some “different” feeling pressure waves and I had been experiencing some new cramping sensations for the past few days.

After our appointment, my husband, Lee and I went out to Vietnamese downtown and had some spicy Pho soup and went for a walk along the waterfront.  At this point, I was experiencing manageable pressure waves and we noticed they seemed to be occurring a bit more consistently, about every 20-30 minutes apart.  After our walk we headed home, with a lot of excitement and anticipation of “could this really be IT? ~ finally, the day we have been waiting for these 10 long months.

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Hypnobaby twins birthed vaginally? Why yes…

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Thanks to Anna Calloway for sharing her story with us.

“Hypnobabies taught me invaluable lessons I will take with me always. It made my pregnancy and childbirth a very positive and wonderful experience. I was determined to deliver my twins naturally, no c-section. Hypnobabies gave me the tools to use my mind and self-hypnosis to make it happen. When I delivered, both babies were head down and I was able to deliver vaginally, as I wanted.

During labor and delivery, Hypnobabies prepared me to stay calm and focused so there was no pain. I remember sitting in the bathtub during my birth thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is working; it doesn’t hurt.’

My whole experience was calm, powerful, and happy. When my babies were born, they were calm and happy as well, and they are still very calm babies.”

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