Run a marathon, then give birth?

Run the Chicago Marathon and then give birth? Why not? Amber Miller did.
This happy and accomplished young Mom gave birth seven hours after running 26.2 miles, while stopping shortly to grab a sandwich in between…

This was the eighth marathon for Amber Miller, and the second marathon for her new baby girl. Amber ran another marathon last May while 17 weeks pregnant with her daughter, June, pictured here with Amber and Joe, the happy new parents. Amber also ran a marathon in 4:30:27 while 18 weeks pregnant with their son Caleb, (not pictured) who is now 1 year old.

Amber played it safe with the okay from her doctor to run the marathon and by alternating two miles of running with two miles of running at a time. Read more about Amber here…

I finished the Portland Marathon on Sunday with what I call a respectable 4:36:45, almost exactly one hour faster than my first marathon, three years ago. I cannot help noticing the hypnotizing effects that running has on my mind during a marathon…the regular fall of feet on the ground like hard rain…the state of hyper-focus, the relaxed excitement, the easy, simple, state of joy, trusting that I have done my training and now my body knows exactly what to do for the big pay-off…and it does!

Although I am not pregnant, I do know a few women runners who are, and thoughts of running while pregnant cross my mind often while I’m running – especially during a marathon’s four plus hours of pure thinking time. I wonder things like, will I still run? How hard will it be? Will I want to? What will it feel like? What will the doctor say? How much will people stare? Will I still run dogs?

We’ll have to wait and see for me, but do you, or does anyone you know run pregnant? What are your thoughts about it?