Hot or Bikram Yoga during pregnancy?

I love hot yoga. Some of my Yogi and Yogini friends dislike it for various reasons, but I really enjoy the feeling of becoming completely exhausted. I love to stretch my body when it gets a little tight from running so much and the class is the perfect length for me. I haven’t been doing it forever and generally I bounce around to different studios in North or North East Portland. I haven’t tried them all yet, but so far each one has a specific charm and I am close to making a commitment to one of them, I’m sure.

Today there was a pregnant woman in class. Nobody noticed until she started heading toward the door about 45 minutes into it and the instructor stopped instructing to ask what she was doing. All of our heads turned to her to watch what was happening, as we stood there like Flamingos in Tree Pose, balancing on one leg. (I felt for her at the time, I am sure all of us have had the urge to run for the door at one point practicing hot yoga.)

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Hypno-Baby Linc Makes the Scene at Home!

The birth of Lincoln Christopher

••From Hypnobabies!••

The birth of Lincoln Christopher

During my whole pregnancy, Chris and I had been planning to have a very natural Hospital birth. Every appointment we would ask our dr about doing it as naturally as possible and he acted like we could do this however we wanted. Slowly I would ask him specifics such as not being hooked up to monitors and fluids. As well as eating if I felt necessary.

Of course I started to realize then that his idea of a natural birth was VERY different than mine. He also told me every appointment that I should go ahead and watch the epidural video “just in case”. This told me that he wasn’t taking me seriously, and thought that I would resort to the epidural. Well at my 38 week appointment he informed my husband and I that he had read my chart wrong and I have had Gestational Diabetes the whole pregnancy.

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Portland Hospitals Agree, More Healthy Babies!

Portland is such a lovely and easy place to live naturally, with all of our farmer’s markets, recycling, biking, eco-conscious food purveyors, natural medicine, etc. And now, we can finally place more trust on our local hospitals too!

Supporting healthy Moms and babies has become a little easier, as reported by the Tribune last Friday.  All 17 Portland area hospitals have agreed that elective induction is not healthy for baby, and they will no longer allow this procedure before 39 weeks. *Yay!*

Well, 39 weeks is a start –  a REALLY GREAT START!

Of course, many hospitals around the country are, or have already enacted the same policy and are even going for more – 40 weeks? Can we go 40?

Thank you again, Portland.