Here is what some of my students say about their experiences.


From Cori Kindred:

download“taking the hypnobabies class from jen was hands down the best thing i did to prepare for my birthing.  i learned so much more than i thought i would, things that aren’t taught in standard birth classes.  i gained confidence and was able to maintain a positive outlook that ultimately helped me have a wonderful homebirth.  my midwives even commented that i was one of the calmest, most focused birthing mamas they’d ever seen.  i am so grateful for the support, knowledge and friendships i gained from jen’s hypnobabies class and highly recommend it to any future mama.”

Link to Cori’s complete birth story here.


From Shannon Grzybowski:

“My husband and I took Jen’s Hypnobabies class in the summer of 2011. I definitely think it helped me have the natural birthing experience that I wanted and it helped my husband know how to support me during it. Most importantly, I learned how to remain calm and/or calm myself when I started to tense up. I looked forward to each class as an opportunity to practice relaxation and learn how to advocate for myself. I wasn’t able to get so deep into hypnosis during the birth that I didn’t experience any pain at all, but I felt confident in my body and I wasn’t afraid of it, which helped me tremendously. One of the greatest things that happened during our son’s birth was that our labor & delivery nurse told us that she knew I would be able to have the natural birth that I wanted based on my calm demeanor and the solid, attentive, and loving communication between me and my husband.”


From Lyra elder:

Audrey“We are feeling so grateful blessed that we made the decisions we did at that late stage to ensure we were able to have a completely natural, intervention-free and peaceful birth experience for our sweet daughter. I definitely attribute Hypnobabies to helping ensure we had such an amazing birth.  It provided me with the “tools” to help me stay deeply relaxed, focused and in my sub-conscious. The preparation of visualizing such peaceful, natural birth experience really helped me accept and know what was happening in the moment and be completely assured that my body and baby knew what to do.  It also provided my husband with the “tools” to help support me throughout our birthing time.  His support was incredibly important.  Ill definitely be using hypnobabies for our next birth and will undoubtedly be at Andaluz, as well.”

Read Audrey’s entire birth story here.


From Natasha, Jon and Donovan River:

Hi Jen!
Just wanted to give you an update! We had our baby on Wednesday. We were at home just like we planned and everything went perfectly. His name is Donovan River he was 7lbs 3oz and 20 1/4 inches. Hypnobabies definitely helped and I’m very glad we took the class! Things went pretty quickly too which I’m sure is due to me being so relaxed.

 …and more to come!



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